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CFA Level 1 (2020) FIXED INCOME

This course includes:

  • Videos covering the CFA Level 1 Fixed Income study sessions.
  • Downloadable PowerPoint slides in PDF format attached to the beginning of its reading assignments.

The readings covered in this courses are:

  • Reading 42 – Fixed income Securities: Defining Elements
  • Reading 43 – Fixed income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding
  • Reading 44 – Introduction to Fixed income Valuation
  • Reading 45 – Introduction to Asset-Backed Securities
  • Reading 46 – Understanding Fixed-Income Risk and Return
  • Reading 47 – Fundamentals of Credit Analysis

This course will help you to be successful in the CFA level 1 Fixed Income study session.

CFA Level 1 (2020) Derivatives Market and Pricing

It covers all the learning statements from the Derivatives readings. There are two reading assigned for the Derivative in CFA Level 1 2019 curriculum.

  1. Derivative Market and Instruments.
  2. Basics of Derivatives Pricing and Valuation.

I will go all the concept from scratch as derivative is complex topic. I will assume you don’t have any derivative experience in past.

I will go over the concept which will help you to remember the formula. Also, show you how you can easily create the variation on formula without remembering them.

This course focus on practical concept and less on memorization. I will be using lots of white boarding to clarify the point.

This course will help you to be successful in the CFA level 1 derivative reading.

Learning Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced Level

This course will help to master the Microsoft Excel. Students need no prior knowledge of excel. This course is recorded with Excel version 2013 and work in 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions.

The curriculum focus on most important feature which you need to use in excel. The lectures are small and take one concept at a time. Also, It makes easier for students to view the section which need most help.

This course will take you from beginner to advance level in Excel.

Following are some of the course learning objectives.

  1. Using Excel Interface.
  2. Data Entry
  3. Formatting Sheets
  4. Using Shapes
  5. Read data from external sources
  6. Working with worksheets
  7. Using statistical functions, text functions and advance functions. It includes VLOOKUP, IF, AND functions
  8. Printing worksheet.
  9. Line chart, Bar Chart , Pie chart etc
  10. Data analysis using Pivot Table
  11. Filtering data on Pivot Table.
  12. Formatting Pivot Table.
  13. Column Pivot Chart, Pie Chart and Bar Chart
  14. Introduction to Macros