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South Street Advisors LLC5.24%0.02%176,701
B.S. Pension Fund Trustee Ltd acting for the British Steel Pension Fund5.10%0.11%235,000
Magellan Asset Management Ltd4.75%0.10%24,268,328
Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance CO3.85%0.02%95,000
LNZ Capital LP3.80%0.00%50,000
REAVES W H & CO INC3.26%0.05%1,001,501
Reilly Herbert Faulkner III2.49%0.07%84,152
London & Capital Asset Management Ltd2.28%0.20%260,896
Signature Wealth Management Group2.00%0.28%36,257
Weather Gauge Advisory, LLC1.98%0.04%17,967

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