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Institutional Venture Management XIV LLC25.80%0.07%450,212
PUBLIC INVESTMENT FUND25.70%0.07%72,840,541
Marathon Partners Equity Management LLC23.18%0.07%847,500
Tao Capital Management LP19.86%-0.36%1,261,876
Prime Capital Management Co Ltd17.55%0.02%1,765,800
Tenzing Global Management LLC17.54%0.12%940,000
SB INVESTMENT ADVISERS (UK) LTD17.39%-0.11%184,228,178
Altimeter Capital Management LP13.41%35.05%28,411,000
Juniper Hill Capital Management LP10.89%0.14%656,571
SOMA EQUITY PARTNERS LP10.50%0.37%8,000,000

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