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Ticker: TSLA Capped to Top 10
Elephas Investment Management Ltd45.44%-0.50%293,000
Worm Capital LLC41.26%-0.26%216,998
Sloy Dahl & Holst, LLC30.51%0.00%319,389
Neumann Advisory Hong Kong Ltd25.35%-0.05%215,451
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V.24.78%0.00%227,493
Trivest Advisors Ltd20.65%-0.68%109,000
Hyperion Asset Management Ltd16.46%0.03%354,828
Teilinger Capital Ltd.13.99%0.00%10,000
Aurora Investment Managers, LLC.11.39%-0.35%15,558
Growth Interface Management LLC11.18%0.00%129,300

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Ticker: TSLA Capped to 10

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