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IDG China Venture Capital Fund IV Associates L.P.89.20%-0.25%8,323,944
Yong Rong (HK) Asset Management Ltd35.78%-0.26%953,800
Tairen Capital Ltd34.12%0.47%2,233,272
Perseverance Asset Management International31.63%-0.31%971,007
Greenwoods Asset Management Ltd26.13%3.67%6,403,552
WT Asset Management Ltd21.92%0.12%974,431
Brilliance Asset Management19.44%-0.30%3,212,976
Trivest Advisors Ltd14.43%-0.52%380,000
Altimeter Capital Management LP14.29%139.61%8,690,000
Tiger Pacific Capital LP12.95%1.14%535,055

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