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Mohnish Pabrai - Dalal Street, LLC52.25%0.00%1,552,000
Li Lu - Himalaya Capital Management LLC51.17%0.17%11,476,523
Invictus RG40.03%0.52%13,611
Central Asset Investments & Management Holdings (HK) Ltd22.49%0.40%416,754
Wishbone Management LP21.92%0.62%1,480,000
Gemsstock Ltd.20.32%0.22%402,800
WS MANAGEMENT LLLP15.06%0.31%1,468,643
Noked Israel Ltd14.07%0.00%489,050
Noked Capital LTD14.07%0.00%489,050
Pennant Investors LP14.04%-0.01%513,000

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Ticker: MU Capped to 10

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Filing DateTrade DateInsider NameInsider TitlePriceSharesTotal Value10% Owned
2021-04-132021-04-12Poppen Joel L$56.929,968$567,342No