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MOON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP47.01%0.00%3,102,059
Packer & Co Ltd46.69%0.00%9,370,200
VCU Investment Management Co17.63%0.00%2,050,202
Mader & Shannon Wealth Management, Inc.12.81%0.00%1,346,594
Proficio Capital Partners LLC12.35%0.00%5,861,348
Sowa Financial Group, Inc.12.24%-0.09%1,068,506
Legend Financial Advisors Inc.12.09%0.00%98,033
Nadler Financial Group, Inc.9.96%-0.07%3,426,332
Greenline Partners LLC9.74%-0.06%2,734,094
Gladius Capital Management LP8.41%0.00%2,292,475

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