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Value Monitoring, Inc.47.19%0.00%317,418
Bain Capital Credit LP23.93%46.78%4,874,766
Hilton Capital Management, LLC6.08%0.00%2,538,720
NYL Investors LLC3.83%0.00%1,355,000
Polaris Wealth Advisory Group, LLC3.49%0.11%2,450,665
IndexIQ Advisors LLC3.07%0.14%3,925,000
HCR Wealth Advisors2.88%0.00%657,226
Miracle Mile Advisors, LLC2.54%0.18%2,014,335
QCM Cayman, Ltd.2.37%1.85%35,354
MD Financial Management Inc.1.97%0.02%3,051,334

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