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Ticker: BABA Capped to Top 10
Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd.89.77%-0.03%1,965,695
Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management LLP41.48%-0.36%1,201,221
Mizuho Markets Cayman LP37.51%0.25%953,295
E Fund Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.37.14%-0.02%508,416
Serenity Capital LLC30.00%-20.83%820,061
JOHO CAPITAL LLC29.98%-19.54%754,591
Origin Asset Management LLP29.40%-0.13%1,333,996
Genesis Investment Management, LLP26.63%0.00%3,851,771
TRG Investments LLC26.04%40.21%1,762,748
Portland Hill Asset Management Ltd23.83%0.84%144,619

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Ticker: BABA Capped to 10

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