Nine Ten Capital Management LLC

The Nine Ten Capital Management LLC latest Q4 13F filings reported over $664 Million in value. It is a focus fund with 9 securities concentration of 100% weights. Nine Ten Capital Management LLC largest holding is Trupanion Inc. with over $179 Million in market value. The following shows the fund statistics and portfolio details.

Period: Report DateNumber of StocksPortfolio ValuePortfolio Return

Portfolio Details

Stock NameTickersValueCurrent Value (x1000)Change Value %WeightsComputed PriceShares Change %
Trupanion Inc.TRUPBUY$179,1860.000%26.95%$119.710.000%
Heska Corp.HSKABUY$118,7510.000%17.86%$145.650.000%
PAR Technology Corp.PARBUY$90,5450.000%13.62%$62.790.000%
Magnite Inc.MGNIBUY$73,9010.000%11.11%$30.710.000%
StoneX Group Inc.SNEXBUY$63,3780.000%9.53%$57.900.000%
Agilysys Inc.AGYSBUY$59,6220.000%8.97%$38.380.000%
Winmark Corp.WINABUY$35,4650.000%5.33%$185.800.000%
ShotSpotter Inc.SSTIBUY$29,0150.000%4.36%$37.700.000%
iRadimed Corp.IRMDINCR$15,1340.289%2.28%$22.800.209%