Dorsey Asset Management

The Dorsey Asset Management latest Q4 13F filings reported over $764 Million in value. It is a focus fund with 9 securities concentration of 100% weights. Dorsey Asset Management's largest holding is Facebook Inc with $166 Million in market value. The following shows the fund statistics and portfolio details.

Period: Report DateNumber of StocksPortfolio ValuePortfolio Return

Portfolio Details

Stock NameTickersValueCurrent Value (x1000)Change Value %WeightsComputed PriceShares Change %
Upwork Inc.UPWKDECR$65,110-0.055%8.52%$34.52-0.523%
Roku Inc. Class AROKUDECR$42,698-0.255%5.59%$332.02-0.576%
Facebook Inc. Class AFBINCR$166,9360.051%21.84%$273.160.007% Ltd. Ordinary SharesWIXINCR$125,0910.196%16.37%$249.960.219%
Smartsheet Inc. Class ASMARINCR$89,1891.028%11.67%$69.290.446%
Alphabet Inc. Class C Capital StockGOOGINCR$82,8520.201%10.84%$1751.890.007%
eBay Inc. EBAYINCR$77,9530.718%10.20%$50.250.781%
PayPal Holdings Inc.PYPLINCR$60,0120.198%7.85%$234.200.007% Corp. Ordinary SharesDESPINCR$54,5091.029%7.13%$12.810.007%
Alteryx Inc. Class AAYXSOLD$00.000%-100.00%$0.000.000%
Avalara Inc.AVLRSOLD$00.000%-100.00%$0.000.000%