Cryder Capital Partners LLP

The Cryder Capital Partners LLP latest Q4 13F filings reported over $1.252 Billion in value. It is a focus fund with 10 securities concentration of 100% weights. Cryder Capital Partners LLP largest holding is HCA Healthcare Inc. with over $160 Million in market value. The following shows the fund statistics and portfolio details.

Period: Report DateNumber of StocksPortfolio ValuePortfolio Return

Portfolio Details

Stock NameTickersValueCurrent Value (x1000)Change Value %WeightsComputed PriceShares Change %
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. ADSBABABUY$109,0380.000%8.71%$232.730.000%
Facebook Inc. Class AFBDECR$140,050-0.008%11.19%$273.16-0.049%
Thermo Fisher Scientific IncTMODECR$136,096-0.130%10.87%$465.78-0.175%
Visa Inc.VDECR$79,712-0.009%6.37%$218.73-0.094%
Mastercard IncorporatedMADECR$76,451-0.122%6.11%$356.94-0.168%
HCA Healthcare Inc.HCAINCR$160,4160.351%12.81%$164.460.024%
Alphabet Inc. Class C Capital StockGOOGINCR$151,1420.222%12.07%$1751.880.025%
Microsoft Corp.MSFTINCR$140,9540.029%11.26%$222.42-0.027%
Charter Communications Inc. Class A NewCHTRINCR$140,6460.014%11.23%$661.55-0.043%
The Blackstone Group Inc. Class ABXINCR$117,5650.272%9.39%$64.810.025%