Ashe Capital Management

The Ashe Capital Management LP latest Q4 13F filings reported over $1.599 Billion in value. It is a focus fund with 12 securities concentration of 100% weights. Ashe Capital Management largest holding is AppFolio Inc. with over $322 Million in market value. The following shows the fund statistics and portfolio details.

Period: Report DateNumber of StocksPortfolio ValuePortfolio Return

Portfolio Details

Stock NameTickersValueCurrent Value (x1000)Change Value %WeightsComputed PriceShares Change %
Liberty Broadband Corp. Class ALBRDADECR$168,474-0.076%10.53%$158.37-0.166%
Ceridian HCM Holding Inc.CDAYDECR$129,946-0.410%8.12%$106.56-0.542%
AppFolio Inc. Class AAPPFINCR$322,9410.270%20.18%$180.040.000%
Liberty Media Corp. Series C Liberty SiriusXMLSXMKINCR$249,2750.175%15.58%$42.600.000%
Liberty Broadband Corp. Class ALBRDAINCR$154,5170.060%9.66%$157.58-0.046%
Liberty Latin America Ltd. Class CLILAKINCR$137,4780.362%8.59%$11.090.000%
JFrog Ltd. Ordinary SharesFROGINCR$127,72024.132%7.98%$62.8332.862%
Datadog Inc. Class ADDOGINCR$107,4850.085%6.72%$98.440.126%
Liberty Media Corp. Series C Liberty SiriusXMLSXMKINCR$86,3650.315%5.40%$43.510.000%
Liberty Latin America Ltd. Class ALILAINCR$51,4330.349%3.21%$11.130.000%
Liberty Media Corp. Series C Liberty SiriusXMLSXMKINCR$45,4050.134%2.84%$37.990.000%
Liberty Media Corp. Series A Liberty SiriusXMLSXMAINCR$18,8950.302%1.18%$43.190.000%