Altarock Partners LLC

The Altarock Partners LLC latest Q4 13F filings reported over $2.385 Billion in value. It is a focus fund with 7 securities concentration of 100% weights. Altarock Partners LLC largest holding is Transdigm Group Inc. with over $634 Million in market value. The following shows the fund statistics and portfolio details.

Period: Report DateNumber of StocksPortfolio ValuePortfolio Return

Portfolio Details

Stock NameTickersValueCurrent Value (x1000)Change Value %WeightsComputed PriceShares Change %
Facebook Inc. Class AFBBUY$467,6180.000%19.60%$273.160.000%
Charter Communications Inc. Class A NewCHTRDECR$591,881-0.135%24.81%$661.55-0.183%
Moody's Corp.MCODECR$66,369-0.656%2.78%$290.24-0.656%
Mastercard IncorporatedMADECR$62,910-0.519%2.64%$356.94-0.545%
Transdigm Group Incorporated Transdigm Group Inc.TDGINCR$634,6460.090%26.60%$618.85-0.163%
Alphabet Inc. Class AGOOGLINCR$560,6980.060%23.50%$1752.64-0.114%
Visa Inc.VINCR$1,8620.093%0.08%$218.700.000%