Warren Buffett Stocks: Portfolio Deep Dive

The Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway latestQ4 2020 13F filings reported over $269 Billion in value. His portfolio contains 47 stocks. The portfolio data is taken from RiseAnalytics.ca

His portfolio’s top 10 stocks don’t change from last quarter 13F filings.

Here is its largest holding by Weights.

  1. Apple (AAPL): $117 Billion
  2. Bank of America (BAC): $30 Billion
  3. Coco Cola (KO): $21 Billion
  4. American Express (AXP): $18 Billion
  5. Kraft Heinz (KHC): $11 Billion
  6. Verizon Communication (VZ): $8 Billion
  7. Moody’s Corp (MCO): $7 Billion
  8. U.S. Bancorp (USB): $6 Billion
  9. DaVita Inc.(DVA): $4.2 Billion
  10. Chevron Corp (CVX): $4 Billion

Warren Buffett Brought and Sold these Stocks

He brought these stocks

  1. Verizon Communication (VZ): $8 Billion
  2. Chevron Corp. (CVX): $4 Billion
  3. Marsh & McLennan Companies: $499 Million

He sold Barrick Gold Corp. JP Morgan, M&T Bank Corp. PNC, Pfizer Inc.

The increase and decrease of stocks in market value can be found here.

Portfolio Stock Return

The following diagram shows the portfolio’s top 10 stock performance.  The Apple stock is the winner followed by Moody’s and then Bank of America. 

He is doing well by investing the highest percentage in Apple. If we keep aside other factors his portfolio can even do better if he allocates a high percentage to Moody stock.

Note: I have used Yahoo Finance to get the historical stock price 

Portfolio Correlation

It is very interesting to see that stocks have a low correlation. Most of the stocks have below 50% correlation which reduces the portfolio risk. Again, I have only used the top 10 stocks in my analysis. 

Stock Distant from its Target Price

Here the Yahoo finance 1-year target price for his top 10 stocks. It’s quite interesting to see most of them haven’t reached the target price. for example MCO ticker 1-year target price is $319 but the current stock price is at $289 at the time of this analysis.

Stocks Price to Earning Ratios

Most of the stock PE ratios quite high except VZ. The Verizon (VZ )PE is only 13 which is his latest investment on 5G. 

Quick Operating and Profit Margin Check

The CVX shows a negative profit margin which is his latest investment. The MCO margin is the highest above 40%. The KHC shows huge nonoperating expenses. 


Here I try to see how the world’s biggest value investor portfolio is doing in this market volatility. He is a long-term focus investor and his portfolio has minimum risk.

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